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Created annually, CHEMI-CON REPORT (integrated report) provides information on the Companyís efforts to realize continuous, long-term improvements in corporate value.

pdf CHEMI-CON REPORT 2019 Issued on November 7, 2019

Chapter 1
About Nippon Chemi-Con

We introduce the Nippon Chemi-Con corporate philosophy and history as well as discuss major financial and non-financial information.

Chapter 2
Nippon Chemi-Conís Vision

We introduce the Nippon Chemi-Con medium- and long-term management strategy and detailed initiatives.

Chapter 3
Introduction of Main Businesses

We introduce FY2018 earnings and future initiatives for our largest business, the aluminum electrolytic capacitor business and the electric double-layer capacitor business we are growing as a second core business.


We introduce Nippon Chemi-Con key information, stock information, and information on our domestic and overseas offices and plants.